Vertical Innovative Farming

Vertical cultivation equipment
tailored to your needs

Designed and manufactured in France

VIF Systems designs and installs equipment of various sizes to grow your plants in hydroponics, in a controlled environment.

Our equipment

A modular solution for small and large spaces

Detachable and adjustable, highly appreciated by research laboratories and private customers alike.

Cultivation cart


Small and large-scale production: cabinets, containers, trusses.

After the Growing Cabinet, Vif Systems has created the VIFBox to equip your professional kitchens.

plant cabinets

1.25 m2 SAU / Ecrin
96 trays

production containers

10 feet / 40 feet
16 m2 / 32 m2 UAA

production farms

100 m2 SAU / 300 m2 SAU

Our equipment uses LED technology designed and manufactured by Ledome.

VIF SYSTEMS publishes its first book

At the dawn of the profound civilizational and societal changes that will mark our century, vertical farms in controlled enclosures also raise the question of tomorrow's agricultural structures. 

Do we want large factories mass-producing a small number of plants, or smaller, more local and diversified production areas? Do we want to put farmers at the heart of the model - as VIF-Systems envisages and demonstrates? Or do we prefer to replace them with captains of industry 4.0?

While the aim of this book is not to provide direct answers to these questions, as an ADVOCACY, it does help to forge convictions about the environmental and societal opportunities offered by this new model of agriculture. A model which, in the future, can only improve technologically and economically, because it fundamentally meets the expectations of the world's growing number of urban consumers.

and VIF SYSTEMS join forces for an agricultural project, serving an innovative local industry.

"We are very proud that Limagrain and VIF Systems have joined forces to design and distribute a technology that is resolutely focused on the world of agriculture, and to contribute together to the relocation of plant production in France.

Matthieu Gufflet, Co-founder and President of VIF Systems.

In the context of deploying Vertical Farming technology that we are carrying out with the lima grain group, we are supporting the organization of an international symposium in Lyon to democratize this technology.


VIF Systems designs and installs equipment of various sizes to grow your plants in hydroponics, in a controlled environment.

Exceptional yield / m2 SAU :
1m2 Useful Agricultural Area VIF >100m2 open ground


Pesticide-free :
human/animal health and environmental protection.


Drastic reduction in water consumption

A fully recyclable cultivation process


Industrial production in a short circuit:
reduced C02 and financial impact of logistics


Saving agricultural land

New agricultural trades in the regions:
re-industrialization and job creation


Promote the anchoring and cooperation of players in production production, processing, distribution and catering

Production sites

Lyon (69)


Vorey (43)


Clermont-Fd (63)


Paris (75)


Production capacity

Microgreens + Baby leaves

trays /year
trays /year

Live plants for your visual, gustatory and health pleasure.

If you'd like to buy our extra-fresh live and cut herbs for supermarkets or CHR, visit our La TIGE and AGRICOOL websites.

La Tige, Live and cut plants from around the world to enhance your chef's plates and delight your customers' palates.

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"Sometimes it's good
to have a touch of madness."


"Sometimes it's good
to have a touch of madness."


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